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We have created a specific COVID19 & MS Microsite to curate relevant information for people with MS and their families. The site is being updated on a daily basis. Please use this site to ask clinical questions related to COVID-19 or use the form below. Please note the answers to questions will then appear on the COVID-19 & MS site. Thanks.


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It’s T time

Its T time. If you want to learn about Th17, which some people imply are important for autoimmunity. I suppose the thing lacking was discussion of why inhibition of IL-17 (Th17 cytokine) and IL12/23 (producers of TH1 cytokines

Transcriptional Regulators of T Helper 17 Cell Differentiation in Health and Autoimmune Diseases. Capone A, Volpe E. Front Immunol. 2020 Mar 12;11:348.

#MSCOVID19. Am I lucky to be on a DMT?

I think the current view is that the COVID19 disease is a disease of two stages. Stage I. Viral removal by the innate immune system notably the monocyte/macrophage and also perhaps CD8 T cells abit later. These cells are working to get rid of the virus, whilst the virus is trying to evade this immune attack. The balance of this determines what may happen next. It seems that for most people the...

Speedy recovery

We hope the MD1 (Mouse Doctor 1) makes a speedy recovery. He is unfortunately in self-isolation with a high fever and dry cough. He and his wife have both contracted COVID-19. Ware Village Speakeasy, Hertfordshire, linked to spread of COVID-19. Public Health England epidemiologists have tracked down a large cluster of COVID-19 cases to an illegal speakeasy in the Hertfordshire village of Ware...

COVID Breakfast-Transmission

Yesterday in there comments there was a discussion about transmission of COVID 19 but droplets. So today on April First here is another other route of potential transmission. Ths is via a; A stool The ACE2 receptor used by SARS-CoV-2 virus to infect the lung also occurs in the intestine. So not only can it come out of your lungs, but out of the other end too (click). SARS-CoV-2 enters...

COVID19 reality bites

Hats off to our Italian colleagues – I can only imagine what each day has brought into your lives. Last weekend, I held the notorious position as the last Consultant Neurologist on-call for Barts Health, one of the largest NHS Trusts England with 1,255 A&E patient attendances per day. Monday onward, every able bodied member of staff has been redeployed to a major incident rota, the...

COVID Keep your distance after some one near your recovers

At the moment you are being told to hiberate for 7-14 days with suspected issues, but this work is just to warm you that people may have virus for a few days after they seem to be recovering, so maintain your social distancing. People shed virus for a variable amount of time. I haven’t got time to do a full post. Obviously this data was from moderately ill people and people with milder...

#MSCOVID19: so what is a safe lymphocyte count?

What is a safe lymphocyte count; 500, 800 or 1000/mm3? In your peripheral blood, you have circulating leukocytes or white blood cells which help fight infections. When you get your blood results back you often get told your total white cell count or WCC. However, the WCC is a composite and includes different populations of cells. The white cells can be divided into the lymphocyte and non...

DrAngry. The Angry Mask

DrAngry is the inventive type and with his pom-pom fanclub has come up with a new line for ProfG and the Guys and Gals at BartsHealth, to help ensure they have protective gear. As you can see the Mickey Mouse is offset by the natty protective eyewear. If you are going to go down to this virus, DrA says you may as well be stylish. It no doubt carefully hides the panty liner, Do-It-Yourself HEPA...

COVID Breakfast “Under starters Orders” and “we’re Off”

If you have every listened to Horse Race Commentary you will get this A couple of weeks ago when I looked at the COVID stuff there were 500 papers, a week later and we have 1400. Where are the MS papers? There are loads of scientists with time on their hands and so why not write a covid19 paper, reviewed in a week, online in less than two, and if you hit it big and get their first a few thousand...



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