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What the eye doesn’t see?

I saw someone with possible MS earlier this week and he had been told that he couldn’t have MS because he only had one detectable lesion on his MRI. Is this correct? The problem: ‘MS has become an MRIscopic disease’. The diagnosis of MS remains clinical and is underpinned by the need to show (1) dissemination in time (typically new activity 4 weeks apart or the presence of...

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To B or not to B

Is targeting the B-cell sufficient to get on top of MS or do we need something extra? I spoke at the MS Nurses’ MS@TheLimits2019 meeting at the Royal College of Physicians yesterday. My brief was to cover the role of B-cells in the pathogenesis of MS and to review the converging evidence that supports B-cells being the central player in the pathogenesis of MS. It is clear that depleting B...

The next generation

Training the next generation of MSologists is one of my priorities. I helped arrange and teach on the Pan-London Calman Specialist Registrar (SpR) teaching day yesterday. It was great to see so many young trainee neurologists attending; thank you. And to the speakers for giving up their time to teach and inspire the next generation of neurologists to become MSologists; thank you. I hope you all...

MSexism 4: The gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is alive and thriving in neurology. That’s not only bad for women MS experts, but for all of us with the disease. One of my best moments of 2018 came at the end of a Thursday afternoon at the ECTRIMS October conference when dozens of women MS clinicians and scientists crowded into a room – and launched the International Women in Multiple Sclerosis group. Their aim is to...

From the horse’s mouth

The following is an online presentation from Prof. Richard Burt on their latest HSCT results. His presentation was embargoed until today. Enjoy.

When I was asked whether or not these are the most important trial results I have seen in the MS space. What do you think I said?

HSCT is highly Effective

In this study the results of a randomisation non-ablative HSCT stem cell therapy compared to current DMT and it does better. Much better This is not surprising we know that immune depleteion is effective. Effect of Nonmyeloablative Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation vs Continued Disease-Modifying Therapy on Disease Progression in Patients With Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis A...

How to manage RRMS – induction followed by maintenance

I’ve been harping on about this strategy for the better half of the past two years, and lo and behold someone has actually done it, and it actually works. The drugs utilized in this study are in fact irrelevant, the importance is the strategy itself. What strategy you ask? Rodo’s Thinker! I’m glad you asked. The one where you go in with all guns blazing and then follow it up...

Welcome to the new Barts-MS blog

Welcome to the Barts-MS blog, now that we have moved platforms! We hope you like the new, responsive design. And we’re grateful to all those who tried our prototype and gave their feedback. The main changes are: A new menu with updated pages. We hope we have included most of the activity of the Barts-MS team. And we’ll keep updating you on our projects, activities, campaigns and studies...



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