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We need siblings of people with MS for an exciting research project

Towards an endophenotype in multiple sclerosis This study is recruiting people with MS who have brothers and/or sisters without MS, and people with MS who are twins (identical and non-identical) to explore the cause of MS, a multi-factorial disease. Twins may help the researchers understand the cause of disease and the influence of early environmental exposures; identical twins have the same...

Genzyme is bought by Sanofi: what will this mean for people with MS?

Genzyme is the company that is developing Alemtuzumab (formerly known as Campath-1h) for MS. Alemtuzumab is clearly the most effective of the emerging drugs in clinical development. Sanofi on the other hand are developing Teriflunomide, an oral disease-modifying therapy, that has been reported to reduce the attack rate in relapsing-remitting MS compared to placebo by about 30%. How will Sanofi...

Do human endogenous retroviruses play a roll in MS?

Retroviruses are viruses that have integrated into our genome and are passed on to our offspring. By analyzing DNA investigators have found that variations in a gene called TRIM5 and a retroviral insertion site correlated with MS. Clearly these results need to be confirmed. If they are confirmed we will need to incorporate retroviruses into our models of MS. Nexø BA, et al. The Etiology of...



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