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Team G-Who Are they?

Anonymous comments or Not Anonymous comments I hear you say. “Who is the Mouse Doctor? you ask again” He’s just part of Team G (see some of them below). They are just a bunch of Guys and Gals doing their bit to do something positive about MS…………Oh and wanting World Peace! Do they hide….Well not really the information on their identities is to be...

Team G & 5 Minute Meal…KT

KT talks about how the the Eye and Multiple Sclerosis

If you can’t see the video visit our website (using a real computer?)
Don’t watch more now it’ll spoil the fun!

Director: Alison Thomson, Cinematographer: Maja Zamojda,
Funded by UnLtd Awards

Genetics-Prof G….No Speak Ingrish!

The Hunt for the genetic links to Multiple Sclerosis is confusing. But in simple English, whilst Beanz meanz Heinz, Jeanz meanz who you are! Your genetic code, which is found in essentially every cell in the body, defines who you are. Half of this code comes from your Mum and half from your Dad. This code is in your DNA and contains has about 30,000 genes and this is called the genome. This zip...

Drug-The game-Back Again!

Drug the Game Part I , Part II, Part III, Part IV You said ” Actual game? Who’ll play a game you can almost never win ” Well first thing to say is ask the San Marino Football Team! However we can increase the odds of completion by increasing the number of “proceed cards” within the “Decks of risk”. Secondly if I were to offer a real wad of cash to people...

Drug-The Game Part IV

As you have seen the pecha kuca from Prof G I present mine in a much more low tech way. Drug-Game Part I, Drug-Game Part II, Drug-Game Part III Can we speed up the Process of Discovery for MSYou know how long it takes to get road the board to win…….Drug Find Pathway that may be a useful Drug TargetIf the pathway of disease that is present in both MS and Cancer/Epilepsy. Start with a...

Meet The Scientists

Dr. Love Talked about “Meet the Scientists” in our recent post on Knit MS. So what is “Meet the Scientists?” MouseDoctor in T shirt straining at the Seams Dr. Love set up “Meet the Scientists” a number of years ago, and each time the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society does its convention for MSers called MS life, we are there. We are a group of Scientitists with a...

Drug-the Game Part III

As you have seen the pecha kuca from Prof G I present mine in a much more low tech way. Drug-Game Part I, Drug-Game Part II Why Does it take So Long to Develop a Drug For MSers Find Out! Play…….Drug So you all know the Rules, How much is it Going to Cost? Alot Whats on the Cards? Financial Zone (FZ) Charity Funding Grant Funded-Role Dice For Amount Grant Needs Rewriting-Try Again Next...

The Charcot Tapestry

Following on from the Success of the Big Knit, where MS was being discussed whilst knitting items for an MS-related artwork. Our Very Own Pathologist Professor Amor (DoctorLove) and a bit of a good knitter, came up with the Idea of the “Charcot Tapestry”. This will have panels that document how MS develops using many of the knitting patterns developed for the “Big Knit”...

The Big Knit..Making the News

Prof G is continually encouraging us to publish the work we do.. Whilst he is hoping for nature magazine, who’ld have thought it would be Simply Knitting The Big Knit, which involved knitting MS related items, was presented at the Cheltenham Science Festiva 2011l. This was done to help create awareness of MS. Prof Baker is looking abit uneasy with the needles, but Prof Amor was abit of a...



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