Drug-The game-Back Again!


Drug the Game Part I , Part II, Part III, Part IV

You said ” Actual game? Who’ll play a game you can almost never win ”

Well first thing to say is ask the San Marino Football Team!

However we can increase the odds of completion by increasing the number of “proceed cards” within the “Decks of risk”. Secondly if I were to offer a real wad of cash to people who completed the game in the minimum number of moves, or say to the player who wins with the least number of moves within one year, then I am sure some of you would play!. The more the cash prize the more players.

The fastest you can get round is about 50 turns, just think of incentives, the darts player with the nine dart finish or the 147 break in snooker or the hole in one form the golfer. Likwise there is an incentive for the pharmaceutical industry to get round the board and they get a cash prize, with a limited amount of time to spend it.

This prize pays for the success and the loses. In the real world it is not all a game of chance and we learn from our mistakes. I am sure that there will be more finishers in the near future!

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