Drug-The Game-Part I


As you have seen the pecha kuca from Prof G
I present mine in a much more low-tech way.

Each day we hear about drug-treatment this and drug-treat
ment that,
but why aren’t you doing something and giving me
a drug that will work for MS?

The MS community is trying!.
Drugs are appearing with increasing frequency, but progress is painfully slow!.
Why is this the case?

The answer is in Drug – the boar
d game.

“I think the perception, or at least the Hope, of develop
ing drugs for MS is abit like:”
You have an idea !You test it out!…Drug is ready for treatment of MSers!….It’s a Sprint to the Finish

However the Reality it is… it’s a Long-Distance Race…or Marathon

You meet scientists, see the TV, read an article or talk to MSers in the stands..The Idea is born…..You start running! …..but, You have to get more energy for your idea to keep you going…so,
You have to write a grant to a charitiy to get funds to do the research. With each lap of the track (taking 6months -1 year), your Idea gets stronger.This idea gets sufficiently mature, so that you feel that you can reach the end! You think that you can make a drug to hopefully treat MS.

However, you are not at the finish……….,You are at the Beginning!
You now have your Piece to Start……..Drug

A game of chance..where the winner takes all and the loser really looses..big time!!

To be continued…….

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  • May I make a suggestion:
    I am really glad that G. attracted some columnists to this blog. Amazing posts.
    I guess many are part of G's faculty/team/post doc….

    May I ask people to sign their post, and maybe add their bio's next to G's ? That would give us a better grasp of the writer and their research interests….

    Thanks again folks!


  • If you look at the very end of the post it says "posted by" and always gives the profile name of whoever posted it (so if you look, the above post was by "mousedoctor". I did once come across a list of the blog profiles matched up to the relevant members of Prof G's team but I can't remember how I got to it now! If i remember, I'll let you know!

  • "Homework for Tonight"

    The MouseDoctor is Not Zorro, but with a bit of research on the blog you can find out.

  • The MouseDoctor is cool. Power to you bro. Keep it up. Love the fact the blog is becoming a team effort.

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