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“I am not surprised by these results. Personally, I would have preferred to see prevention get a larger sahre of the vote. It is very reassuring that nobody voted for CCSVI. It is clear that CCSVI’ers are less vocal than the non-CCSVI’ers when it comes to votes.”

“Thank you for taking the time to vote.”

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  • On Tuesday, August 02, 2011. John said…
    RE. Poll: What would be your priority for MS Research money?

    Putting CCSVI in this poll does not make any sense. You didn’t single out any other specific research area, such as EBV. CCSVI could fit into many of the ‘options’ or none. Research is now being done. This is very welcome.

    I can’t imagine anybody thinking that all research money should just go into CCSVI. This does not mean that funding and time spent researching this area is not important.

    Gavin Giovannoni said…
    Re: "Putting CCSVI in this poll does not make any sense. You didn’t single out any other specific research area, such as EBV."

    I agree, you are probably right on this one. I did it simply because this was the sort of choice the Canadian and Italian MS Societies, and the NMSS in the US, have had to make. Unfortunately, the funding pot is not bottomless so money spent on a special call, such as CCSVI, reduces money spent on research in other areas.

    By the way the answer on the ‘funding pot’ doesn’t change the point. Funding ‘Symptomatic Treatments’ for example, could and should include work on CCSVI but would also include other treatments.

  • The video is very swish and it is an attempt to try and address MSers wishes for studies on stem cells. I am still not clear of what is going to be done, and must say that it is going to be hard ask for these cells to get in the brain and turn into the cells we want them to turn into to cause the repair. However, if you don't dare to fail and don't start somewhere then you don't start and then
    there will be no progress. This is an International Effort so lets applaud the effort in getting it off the ground. Based on data I have seen from animal studies there is a chance of it doing something, but this may be at the level of treating the immune aspects and I think we need more than this. But lets be positive and this will not be the last word on stem cell therapy you can bet your bottom dollar on this

  • Re: " Do these surveys we participate in count towards anything of significance?"

    Yes and No. The surveys are simply to gauge the blog readers opinion on controversial issues presented and discussed on the blog. However, the results of one of the surveys was recently used in a presentation to the European Medicines Agency to illustrate a point about risk. I hope you find the surveys and the results of the surveys interesting.

  • The surveys are interesting but the number of voters is too small. Readers who have subscribed in a reader don't visit the blog URL and they won't see the surveys.

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