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Dr. A talks about Nerve Impulses

Based on these Unhelpful sorts of Posts….

You probably will Enjoy GQ more than G Blog.

Video Removed (MD)

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  • More good food is wasted in an effort to tell people stuff they can read in text books, while famine-stricken Somalians continue to starve. These videos are pointless at worst, insignificant at best.

    Dr. A is way buff though.

  • I agree that Dr A is pretty but these videos are rather laboured. I'd prefer a video that demonstrates what's happening in the progressive phase of MS. That will be more relevant to many of the folk who come to this blog.

  • Not sure I like the Nigella Lawson approach to neurology, but I can see why Prof G stays in the office so late.

  • Hi Mr Mousedoctor,
    To continue the fruity theme:

    “05/2011 – "Viagra" could reduce multiple sclerosis symptoms

    IBB researchers have discovered that "Viagra" drastically reduces multiple sclerosis symptoms in animal models with the disease (EAE). The research demonstrates that a practically complete recovery occurs in 50% of the animals after eight days of treatment. Researchers are confident that clinical trials soon will be carried out in patients.”

    Any thoughts?

  • My compliements to the super attractive Dr. A. May I request she engage in more tutorials of this manner.

  • I won't comment of the rest of the posts but to address the question of viagra.

    The data looks like it stops the immune response (translated to influencing relapsing attacks……This is not about symptom control) and so all the other things claimed may be a consequence of this. The drug was given to female mice at a dose of about 10mg/kg body weight. The low dose in humans is about 0.4mg/kg increasing to about 1.3mg/kg. With the factoring of dose from mouse to human the dose is not so way out. The study lacked a dose response (i.e. seeing effects of different doses) but is interesting. Looking at side-effects profile of viagra there is not much indiciating an effect on the immune response in humans.

    I am not saying that it does not have the potential…but whilst authors of the paper claim that the drug saves nerves they don't really convincingly demonstrate this, besides the immuno modulating efect. Studies however in other animal models suggest that viagra may have a nerve protecting effect. This will need to be studied further.

    Do any of you MSers have experience of using viagra and being relapse free?

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