Team G-Who Are they?


Anonymous comments or Not Anonymous comments I hear you say.

“Who is the Mouse Doctor? you ask again”

He’s just part of Team G (see some of them below). They are just a bunch of Guys and Gals doing their bit to do something positive about MS…………Oh and wanting World Peace!

Do they hide….Well not really the information on their identities is to be found on the blog. So Home Work, Home Work, Home Work.

Is it a co-incidence that Dr Ruth (Not Westheimer) is next to Dr VD (that’s Vitamin D not VD)

P.S. If you are a Nutter, Anti-Vivisectionist (non-nutter AV’s are OK……we can have a conversation), then Don’t Do Your Homework cos then I’ld rather be anonymous. More serious stuff to follow. Have a good weekend!

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