UK Stem Cell Trial is Full


Given the Media Coverage of Stem Cells Last Week

The Trial for Bone Marrow Transplantation by Dr Muraro is Recruited.
They Do Not Need Any More Volunteers, So Please Do Not Contact them
It is wasting Both Your and Their Time

“Not sure If they are actually using mesenchymal stem cells,
I now think it could be just a bone marrow transplant. This is a
way of reprogramaming the Immune System and in my opinion
is unlikely to cause regeneration of Nerves”.

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  • I just watched the video on the MSS website and it appears that yes, they are going to use mesenchymal stem cells in this piece of research.

  • I think this is just an alternate way of re booting the immune system to alemtuzumab. From what I've read it seems that developing drugs to encourage the neural stem cells already in the CNS to repair damage rather than introducing them from outside is more likely to produce results re regeneration

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