Education: Targeting Progressive MS-Part VII

If you can’t remember the story so far see: Part I , Part II (Nerve Network), Part III (Nerve Plasticity), Part IV (Immune Attack), Part V (Slow repair), Part VI (Response to Immune Therapy).

We have now built up the picture to understand the probable causes of Progression. I say probable as this is still theory, I’m afraid to say.

At each tube station (Node of Ranvier), people (ions) will enter and leave the train (nerve impulse). In health this is a balance between people leaving the train (red characters) and people entering the train (black characters) and the trains do not stay in stations too long. Therefore, trains do not get over crowded.
However once a trainline gets blocked because the cars fall on a train and break the tunnel (demyelination), the nerve impulse is slowed or stopped.
Synaptic plasticity (part III) will begin, so you use different tube lines to get where you are going, but as the train stay in stations longer, more people enter the train. Overcrowding starts.
Too many people enter the train and someone faints. The train overheats and breaks down. This blocks another piece of the tube networks. Progressive MS has begun. This no longer concerns the cars (white blood cells) on the road above.

Therefore Progression needs a different treatment. See you in a couple of days TTFN

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  • So is progressive MS merely a reaction to the auto-immune process? I say this because, according to this theory, the destructive role of white blood cells is no longer an issue as it's been superseded by another destructive force, which thus far, has not been defined.

    On the question of ethics concerning using the parabiosis experiment in researching treatments to cure MS progression: seriously MouseDoctor, I'll go far as saying that even if you have to adopt a sinister Burke & Hare policy of offing real humans in order to remedy prog MS, then I think I'm willing to turn a blind eye to that.

    I think we all just want a break through, and fast.

  • It may be a consequence of the autoimmune process.

    In the mice it does appears that the destructive role of the white blood cell burns out and exposes the other slow destructive force. So we would not really need to try and treat this aspect.

    In progression I think there is still some white blood cell activity (the microglia) occuring at this stage, which is different from the white blood cell (lymphocyte) activity driving relapsing MS. So this type of inflammation needs dealing with

  • Dear Doctors of mice and humans,

    I saw this video on Nancy Davis’ YouTube channel. It’s an interview with Dr. Dennis Bourdette who is chairman of the Department of Neurology and director of the Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Center at Oregon Health & Science University.

    He presents a novel theory that alludes to an MS like disease that exists in primates and is triggered by the herpes virus.

    Can multiple sclerosis be a disease that began in animal species and then transferred through to humans? Am I way off the track here?

    I read an article in my dad’s “Scientific American” last year that argued most diseases in humans actually originate from animal species and then make their way in to humans.

  • Re: "Can multiple sclerosis be a disease that began in animal species and then transferred through to humans? Am I way off the track here?"

    Thanks for this. We covered that model in a previous posting. I think it makes a lot of sense; then I am slightly biased in that I think MS is due to an infection. As you are aware the virus in this model is a gamma herpes virus, which is the same family as EBV.

  • Just so you know, we do not work in a vacuum or ivory tower. We are aware of the pioneering work of Prof. ffrench-Constant and other people doing this type of work in Edinburgh and elsewhere. We work together on some things and are about to start another new project relating to nerve repair.

    On whether virus in animals can infect humans……sure this is a possibility..flu probably started in Ducks. However, we have yet to definitely prove that it is EBV in MS, so Prof G still has some work to do.

  • MouseDoc, you almost sound fed-up and offended because of someone offering you this link.

    I am not a scientist, nor do I work in MS, but I do have MS. Prof. ffrench-Constant's lecture on repairing damage to the CNS was really interesting to me and I wouldn't have heard it if someone hadn't flagged it up here.

    Please don't discourage commenters posting useful info that is of use to us laypersons. It's when I hear the types of things Prof ffrench-Constant was talking about that I feel somewhat hopeful about my furture with MS.

  • Please don't worry, I was not at all offended by this and yes, please post-away!

    I thought "you guys" was referring to me and team G and not to the "other bloggers". My mistake..Sorry
    Hope this clears this up.

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