Education: Targeting Progressive MS-Part VIII


If you can’t remember the story so far see: Part I , Part II (Nerve Network), Part III (Nerve Plasticity), Part IV (Immune Attack), Part V (Slow Repair), Part VI (Response to Immune Therapy), Part VII (Progression)

We have now built up the picture to understand the probable causes of progression we can see how it progresses and what we need for treatment.

Nerves are stopping working as trains are breaking down, as they overheat

As more of the lines are block the more stain is put on the other lines to cope with the passenger load as they try use other lines to travel and so more and more trains break down. The tube network is slowly blocked.

The solution is not to stop cars entering roads, but to stop people entering underground stations therefore the treatment for relapsing-remitting and progressive MS must be dramatically different. Likewise we want to repair the broken tunnels (remyelinate), which will allow the trains to operate again.

Trials aimed at blocking these pathways have begun.. More in the Pipeline!

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