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Just to Keep You up to Date with Activities of more Members in the Lab.

Team G are running in the BUPA Great North Run
on 18th September 2011 in Newcastle
For those of you that don’t know that’s a half marathon (13.1miles or 21.1km)
So Good Luck to Beki, Adriana, Prof G, Sam RB and Dr Ruth (Too busy Training to have photo done)

If you can spot the odd one out (Clue: Names on T shirts) donate at least £1 Click on Prof G (allow contact detail so that we can email you) and we will run a random draw before end of September. The winner will get up to £20 to spend at the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society Shop (Better odds than winning the Lottery!). All procedes from the gang go to Shift MS for young MSers.

Dr Ruth just back from training but hides running outfit!

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