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It appears that a new European court ruling suggests that procedures that use embryonic stem cells cannot be patented. This has the knock-on effect that comapnies cannot directly profit from such discovery. However it should not mean that this is the end of stem cell research in Europe.

According to “The Guardian” the decision from the European court results form a legal clarification for a court case brought by Greenpeace against a German Scientist, who patented a way to turn stem cells into healthy brain cells. The courts have always been cautious about patenting biologic processes. Does this mean that there will be no UK effort in these areas for stem cell treatments in MS. I doubt it, very much. The UK will continue to move forwards. However remember that MS is a global problem and can benefit from scientific endevours in an country, whether it be in USA, Asia or Timbuktu. Embryonic stem cells are a small part of the effort in this area.

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  • Finger crossed that the Tea Party does not get any decisive power in the next elections.
    I pray God that this will not happen.

  • Totally agree with the dude above.

    Pretty much every week BBC America runs a report on stem cell breakthroughs. I assume these same reports are broadcast over there in the UK.

    Every scientist interviewed says that diseases like MS will only be overcome via stem cell therapy.

    With that in mind, surely all our focus should be on fast tracking these types of treatments and not wasting time with pre-existing compounds that may or may not marginally improve MS symptoms.

    MS is an aggressive and requires a hardcore treatment.

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