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There appears to be a concern amongst you that the CCSVIers are hounding us out of business…….Just to let you know that this is not the case….although some dogs out there may be barking. Whatever we do, we do for other reasons. In the words of the mighty maiden “These colours don’t run”.


“These colours don’t run” Artwork by Derek Riggs.

However, you may be interested to know that posts on this subject arouse most attention and the most hits on this blog and is topical, hence the need to discuss current research good and bad.

Anyway we are coming up to the Children in Need, weekend and the Great British Public will be Great and raise a staggering amount of cash for Children’s Charities. It is a shame that MS charities don’t get such high-profile publicity. Supporting research is a costly business and it is becoming an increasingly tough climate during this time of austerity.

Maybe we should set up a charity to funnel cash directly into our work……the G fund.

This would avoid the months (sometimes years) spent writing the applications, waiting for the peer-review (review of the work by other scientists) to arrive and the decision about its worthiness to be made…………only to find there is not enough in the coffers and the work is not of high enough prioirity for funding. This part of life as a researcher worker or is it?

The Z fund (The bank details above have been obscured. If you want to donate do your own homework)

If you want to support CCSVI research, you can do many things, you could make a record and donate proceeds to the “Brave Dreams Trial”……that’s your choice…..Alternatively, you could give it to your local MS Societies, so that the work on the subject is properly peer reviewed, competitively tendered and independently undertaken to get a meaningful answer. It will help offset the millions that MS Societies around the World have spent on this aspect, such that it limits their ability to fund other MS research.

The only conspiracy here is in people’s heads (we all want effective safe treatments), If it works great, but let’s examine it properly.

CoI. We have recieved research funds from MS Charities………… and proudly so!

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