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“I’m confused. When I was diagnosed 4 years ago the neuro explained that I had an auto-immune disease where the T cells attacked the myelin in my CNS. Now you appear to be saying that the problem of MS is not just a problem of autoimmunity and question whether it is T cells which are to blame. Does this mean that the last 50 years of MS research (based primarily on the premise that MS is auto-immune with T cells causing the problem) has been a waste of time? If it’s not auto-immune with T cells causing the problem – then what is it? If there is another theory / idea, then will we see another 50 years of research into this theory”

Dear Anon

I think your neuro was in part correct. Yes there is a belief that T cells are the cause of immune attack. They are central to controlling immune responses even those involving B cells, however I am saying that they may not be the whole answer and that the autoimmune process may trigger something that is not responsive to autoimmune therapies, especially in progressive MS (PPMS & SPMS).

Earlier this year I did a few posts explaining this concept so here are the links again for a scientific description,or a more digestable description (View Part I- PartVIII).

This has not been 50 years of wasted time because this theory has given us drugs that affect RRMS. However, we need drugs for progressive MS, which I think needs a different approach. This aspect is being targeted with increased vigour and so I don’t think you will have to wait for another 50 years for progress in this aspect.

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