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Professor of Neurology, Barts & The London. MS & Preventive Neurology thinker, blogger, runner, vegetable gardener, husband, father, cook and wine & food lover.


  • Wow, that's terrible Prof. G. I can think of several who be unscrupulous enough to do that.
    I appreciate your work for the MS community and your willingness to speak out against the snake oil scam aka the Liberation Procedure for ccsvi!

  • It's almost certainly a false positive from the system that alerts users about phishing. Something in your emails has tricked the anti-phishing software into thinking they are suspicios. It happens quite often.

  • Professor G, thank you so much for the work you are doing for the MS community. I have a lot of respect for you. Thank you for working so diligently to disprove the CCSVI theory and to find a real cure.

  • Re: "Thank you for working so diligently to disprove the CCSVI theory and to find a real cure."

    I am not working on CCSVI; all that I am doing is trying to provide some context by discussing the condition and results of research on the condition into the correct scientific perspective.

    My real interest in the condition relates to my concern for my patients taking unnecessary risks with treatment and the unscrupulous charlatans who are making money out of them.

    Nobody with MS should be paying for any procedure at this stage. We need to wait for the trials to report.

  • You will see from a the Vascular Conference on 23 November that rather a lot of charlatans took part in a symposium entitled

    "The treatment of CCSVI in the Management of Multiple Sclerosis"

    I personally find it a huge relief that we have vascular doctors involved in treating venous abnormalities in people with MS. Shame the French neurologist Aboulker's work went unnoticed in the 1970s, he found the same as Zamboni.. problems in all the same veins. MS has a venodynamic origin – FACT.

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