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Based on past experience we see how much you have enjoyed meeting members of the Group. …… Todays waste of veg is by Prof. B. He will talk about cannabis (yes he knows it has 2ns) and control of symptoms in MS. Just so you know he never inhaled! Look at the state of that chopping board….no wonder he’s kicked out of the lab.

“The “5 minute meal” films were designed by Alison Thompson during her masters at the Royal College of Art to explore different ways of explaining MS research. We did not make these for your digestion….but as it is a quiet day on the news front and Prof G needs some rest, I give you this stocking filler as it is nearing Christmas…which as you know starts in September in the UK. This is one project, of many, that team G have collaborated on which aim to increase the publics understanding of their MS research. You can see more about this project on Alison’s website. “

Team G give up their own time for these activities including the BLOG

The grey matter is where the heads of the nerves are found and the white matter is where the bodies of the nerves are found. The impulse moves from one nerve to another by the aid of stardust.

If you can’t see the video visit our website (using a real computer?)

Director: Alison Thomson, Cinematographer: Maja Zamojda,
Funded by UnLtd Awards

If these videos are offending you, wasting your time etc. then don’t watch!!!.

If you want to see and hear more of Prof B and Prog G and the Gang come visit us on Monday Evening for the Big Knit

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