Thanksgiving Cheer

Following the bombshell dropped by G about shutting the blog down, at your suggestion (see comments) that it’s time to give up EAE and become a RockGod …………………Again. I have dumped the lab coat and put on my outfit for a new evening job,….no it’s not a gimp suit. I bet you never guessed I play bass with Kiss under all that make-up. MouseDoctor II is going down the supermarket packing shelves.

However let’s not be glum, today is a special day, it is the forth thursday in November. So many of our readers (in America) get a few days thanksgiving holiday. It’s not about giving presents, but time to nosh on a turkey and celebrate a good harvest with family and friends. They’ve been doing this since 1621. However, we Brits like to give presents on our long (OK the Scots don’t get one as theirs is in New Year) National holiday in December, so I give you details from a recent email conversation with the boss.

“So when and why are you going to shut it down?”

Prof G: I was having one of those days when I made the comment, but with the amazing response we’ve had, we’ve just got to keep it going!”

So you’re going to have to put up with Prof & Team G for more of the “Same Old, Same Old”. (you can groan if you think its not good news)

After G gets over another strenous week, we will digest your suggestions (thank you) and have a chat about how we juggle things.

So Happy Thanksgiving from Dr & Ms. Mouse (My American Other half) enjoy your Turkey (Nut Loaf for the Veggies) and see you over the weekend or next week!

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