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Hopefully for those using google reader and other alert systems you will be deluged today with posts that online readers have been enjoying for the past 2 weeks. Today you may see posts come and go as we deal with the problem which we think was caused by the way images were loaded i.e. . Just trying to sort through issues.


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  • Dear MouseDoctor,

    I was browsing through Time Mazine's 'Top Ten of Everything 2011' and saw that in the "Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs," the top spot went to: "Scientists Use Cloning to Create Stem Cells." Not only that, MS was namechecked as a condition that may benefit from this medical breakthrough.

    Read it below:

    "It's not quite human cloning, but it's close. Researchers reported using a variation of somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) — the same technique that created Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to be cloned, from a skin cell of a ewe — on human cells. SCNT involves replacing the genetic material of an egg cell with the DNA from a mature cell (a skin cell, for example). The egg is then stimulated to divide, and if it develops fully, produces a genetically identical clone of the animal from which the mature cell was taken.

    In the latest study, reported in October, scientists at the New York Stem Cell Foundation modified the technique, combining the DNA of an adult human cell with the genetic material of an egg — rather than replacing the egg's DNA. Previous attempts to clone human cells using SCNT had failed, but something about keeping the egg's DNA appeared to facilitate cell division and allow the generation of stem cells. The stem cells weren't quite normal, however, since they contained an extra set of chromosomes, from the egg. Next, the researchers hope to find a way to silence or eliminate the extra set of DNA.

    The process is promising because it can potentially yield stem cells — which may one day treat diseases such as spinal cord injury, Parkinson's and MS — that not only match their donor, but also obviate the need for an embryo."

  • Thanks Baltimore Pete.

    I went on to the NYSCF website and it is a site to behold. They are doing some amazing work on not just MS, but pretty much every major disease. The site is chock full of videos and articles. It makes you feel hopeful about what can be done to solve MS. They seem really sure that they will crack MS in the near future, I just hope it happens. One thing that is certain, the NYSCF has a vision that seems unlike anything else I've come across.

  • Re: "One thing that is certain, the NYSCF has a vision that seems unlike anything else I've come across."

    In this statement lies the problem. How do you communicate science with tremendous potential without creating unrealistic expectations. If you think it is hard developing drugs; cell-based therapies are even harder. The recent announcement by Genron that they are stopping their stem cell trials is proof of this.

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