3rd Barts and The London MS Research Day

A reminder that the 3rd Barts and The London MS Research Day takes place this Saturday, 28th Jan 2012, at the Church House Conference Centre in Westminster.

Registration is from 9h30 – 10h00 and the day will end at ~15h30.

If you have queries please do not hesitate to contact Maria (m.espasandin@qmul.ac.uk) or Beki (beki@shift.ms)

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Professor of Neurology, Barts & The London. MS & Preventive Neurology thinker, blogger, runner, vegetable gardener, husband, father, cook and wine & food lover.


  • Gavin, please upload as video footage as you can. I'm a UAE resident and won't be in attendance, but look forward to seeing your lectures and debates, especially to do with progressive MS and stem cells.

  • Re: "please upload as video footage!"

    Yes, we plan to upload as much video footage as possible. Unfortunately, the work that is sensitive will not be uploaded.

  • Re: "While we wait for videos, some news of the research day:

    Where to start? I spent the whole day outside the lecture theatre, in the Digesting Science Section, talking to MS'ers and their families. The verbal feedback I got about the day was very good; best of the three days and everyone liked to new format.

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