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Research: IL-1 inhibits Nerve Damage

Rossi S, Furlan R, De Chiara V, Motta C, Studer V, Mori F, Musella A, Bergami A, Muzio L, Bernardi G, Battistini L, Martino G, Centonze D. Interleukin-1β causes synaptic hyperexcitability in multiple sclerosis. Ann Neurol. 2012; 71:76-83. doi: 10.1002/ana.22512. OBJECTIVE: The frequency of inflammatory episodes in the early stages of multiple sclerosis (MS) has been correlated with late...

Research: MicroRNA in Multiple Sclerosis

Paraboschi EM, Soldà G, Gemmati D, Orioli E, Zeri G, Benedetti MD, Salviati A, Barizzone N, Leone M, Duga S, Asselta R. Genetic association and altered gene expression of mir-155 in multiple sclerosis patients.Int J Mol Sci. 2011;12:8695-712. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a complex autoimmune disease of the central nervous system characterized by chronic inflammation, demyelination, and axonal...

Interleukin 7 and T cell function

Kreft KL, Verbraak E, Wierenga-Wolf AF, van Meurs M, Oostra BA, Laman JD, Hintzen RQ. The IL-7Rα Pathway Is Quantitatively and Functionally Altered in CD8 T Cells in Multiple Sclerosis. J Immunol. 2012 Jan [Epub ahead of print] The interleukin 7 receptor alpha chain (IL-7Rα) single nucleotide polymorphism rs6897932 is associated with an increased genetic risk for multiple sclerosis (MS). IL-7Rα...

Brain Training: The results

Can you remember the figures on the brain training picture from last week?

Could not be bothered…..
or did you remember:
A guy with shaded eyes; a fish; a guy with Big Teeth; Two one cent coins; a middle Eastern Man; a light bulb with a dollar sign and a newspaper.

Research: Human Stem cells

Song B, Sun G, Herszfeld D, Sylvain A, Campanale NV, Hirst CE, Caine S, Parkington HC, Tonta MA, Coleman HA, Short M, Ricardo SD, Reubinoff B, Bernard CC. Neural differentiation of patient specific iPS cells as a novel approach to study the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis.Stem Cell Res. 2012;8:259-73. The recent introduction of technologies capable of reprogramming human somatic cells into...

Research:Biomarkers for MS

Avsar T, Korkmaz D, Tütüncü M, Demirci NO, Saip S, Kamasak M, Siva A, Turanli ET. Protein biomarkers for multiple sclerosis: semi-quantitative analysis of cerebrospinal fluid candidate protein biomarkers in different forms of multiple sclerosis. Mult Scler. 2012 Jan [Epub] Background: The complex pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis, combined with an unpredictable prognosis, requires identification...

Research: BG12 targeting Nrf2 to help save nerves

Scannevin RH, Chollate S, Jung MY, Shackett M, Patel H, Bista P, Zeng W, Ryan S, Yamamoto M, Lukashev M, Rhodes KJ. Fumarates Promote Cytoprotection of Central Nervous System Cells Against Oxidative Stress via the Nrf2 Pathway.J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2012 Jan 20. [Epub ahead of print] Oxidative stress is central to the pathology of several neurodegenerative diseases, including multiple sclerosis...

Another Idea about the Causes of Progression

White-matter astrocytes, axonal energy metabolism, and axonal degeneration in multiple sclerosis. Cambron M, D’Haeseleer M, Laureys G, Clinckers R, Debruyne J, De Keyser J. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2012 Jan [Epub ahead of print] In patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), a diffuse axonal degeneration occurring throughout the white matter of the central nervous system causes progressive...

Research: Loss of Citrullization of energy making protein is associated with disease RNA transporter

Ding D, Enriquez-Algeciras M, Dave KR, Perez-Pinzon M, Bhattacharya SK. The role of deimination in ATP5b mRNA transport in a transgenic mouse model of multiple sclerosis.EMBO Rep. 2012 Jan doi: 10.1038/embor.2011.264. [Epub ahead of print] Deimination refers to conversion of protein-bound arginine into citrulline as a post-translational modification after DNA, is transcribed to form RNA and...



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