Become an activist; demand peer-reviewed evidence


“Become an activist and demand high-quality data! No more poor quality MS studies that are not definitive. There is no place for Bad Science in the modern era.”

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  • well said. let's start a critical movement.
    Most happy to invest myself in something of the kind and possibly create a charity out of it.

    But the big point is: how much would you and/or The Mouse & co are willing to invest time reviewing methodologies of published papers?

    How critical would you be of a pharma – say biogen Edec – when you read a ridiculous paper sponsored by them, with the proviso that they support your work too?

    (maybe an anonymous reviewing may mitigate the last point).


  • Dear Tony
    If the paper is really is pants… is pants so why not say it. Read the blog there are enough examples of Prof G critisising pharma.

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