Education: The Same-Old, Same-Old

Boy…..MS papers are a bit thin on the ground so far this week.

You said “I am a scientist and am simply disgusted at some academics behavior

Whilst I think that comment was a belief of “Bad science” or “Bad Science Practise”, this reminded me of a talk I once gave using images below. There I said that many scientitsts/clinicians just follow the dogma (even if the idea is pants) and are like lemmings running off a cliff.

Many senior scientists hide themselves in ivory towers and forget about the real world and never really meet the patient group that they claim to help. They stick their head in the ground and become devolved from reality. They only surface to tell the world how wonderful they are and perpetuate the dogma.
This is a real problem, because once dogma takes hold, everything that challenges the dogma is viewed with scorn and seldom listened to. Therefore the process of peer-review of papers and grants can be a painful. Big Science, creates Big Egos. However, this is why you can get a lot of the same-old, same-old. This is because people follow the stuff that grant acencies want to fund. This is largely influenced by the prevailing dogma or lobby, often fueled by the media

For the Clinicans (who do most of the studies in MS and have a day job in the National Health Service or Private practise that can support them and saves them from the sharks….. unlike the research scieintist who is out on their ear if they do not produce) who were a large part of the audience the image was:

Talk went down like a lead balloon. Hopefully something more interesting and serious tomorrow

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