Research Day: Prof G


Prof G introduced the Barts and the London Research Day

If you can not see the video please come to the website.
Produced by for Team G. This what your are missing if you do not follow the links

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  • Re: "I watched all 11 videos on youtube and liked Dr Gold's talk best."

    A marathon; did you learn anything new? Are you a supporter of the Charcot Project?

  • Re: "The new therapies talk last year had a useful chart of current & new therapies & I had saved a screenshot to use as a reference. Is an updated version available?"

    I will prepare an updated version of this table and post it on the blog in the next few days.

  • I'm certainly a Charcot project supporter and hope it's a big success. That's why I liked the talk so much. Also because Prof Gold seems very likable

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