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Gafson AR, Giovannoni G. Towards the incorporation of lumbar puncture into clinical trials for multiple sclerosis. Mult Scler. 2012 Feb. [Epub ahead of print]

This study reports the preliminary findings about your views on the potential of having repeated lumbar punctures as part of a novel trial design. Prof G made a video for watching before taking the survey. This indicated that 78% of people would be willing to have multiple lumbar punctures as part of a trial, 15% of people were undecided and 7% were not prepared to have so many lumbar punctures. Peoples experience with having a lumbar puncture was often not great, but the potential use of the sprotte needle and ultrasound to limit problems with the procedure was a positive factor in 60% of responses.

Your responses where important to this study and shows that the surveys do have value and can lead to publishable results. The result was instrumental in taking this approach forward, fingers crossed that the study gets the green light.

CoI: This is a publication from Team G

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  • Good luck on getting the go-ahead, Prof G! As someone who's not yet progressive, I was wondering if there are studies I could participate in that could benefit presently progressive MSers as well as those MSers who will become progressive in the future (like me).

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