All is Quiet on the EastEnd Front


After our little verbal exchanges, it will hopefully back to the same old and new stuff about research. The bait has been swallowed and we are saited. We know many do not read the comments and I know some of my terminology is sometimes cryptic.

All is quiet on the Western Front is an anti-war novel and film about the first world war

These colours do not run” is a song by Iron Maiden. The colours represent the regimental flag and is nothing to do with race. The colours was the rallying point when soldiers went into battle and was considered a great loss if they were captured. Under extreme provocation by the Sharon Osborn camp at an Ozzfest concert 2005 where Iron Maidens set was being sabotaged, Bruce Dickinson the Iron Maiden singer who had sung the Trooper about the Crimean war of the mid 1800s, whilst clasping the British flag he said “These colours do not run “. Quite apt when being provoked.

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