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MouseDocotor is getting ready for MS life on April 14th and 15th in “Manchester, England”. This is free to register and is the UKs biggest lifestyle event for MSers

He has got his special lab coat in UK MS Society orange ready for “Meet the Scientists” when you will get the oppertunity to meet and talk with MS MouseDoc (back of lab coat in the inset) and his chums.

You can have your own Q & A session face to face, eyeball to eyeball, see them at the Meet the Scientists stand they should be easy to spot………You set the agenda not us.

Look forward to Meeting You.

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  • What about Mouse on the Open Road ?? – Mouse, you would love it here in Australia, just think of all that free Vitamin D, wonderful Aussie hospitality – we're 'Neighbours' you know -and the chance of a life time for a fabulous non-fake tan like mine.

    PS Maybe you could do a wrap on the Q & A or the MS Life people could and there could be a link for those who did not get to cross examine you in person.

  • It would be great to go on tour and visit places we have never been

    However, there are spots for Qs and then space As on the blog. To do live one to ones would mean a 24h session as we have viewers in Australia and in the Americas.

    If you have local MS researchers and national or state MS meetings, I bet your local MS Socieities/MS Chapters could organise to get MS researchers to do this.

    Based on our experience within the Lab, on the sessions we have done, It is a positive experience for the researchers both young and old.

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