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  • I believe that you are on the right track. I am an AIDS patient who last fall had EBV. At that time I was not on the antiretrovirals but I knew that they would help me as I had EBV in 2003 and it worked. Last fall, I had short term memory issues, word loss in sentenced, severe stuttering and I could barely walk. I asked my doctor to prescribe ATripla and it worked. Since the, MRI has shown Demyelienating Disease, abnormal corpus callosum, and I have 5 "O" band in my spinal fluid. One neurologist believes that I have MS but with AIDS, he doesn't know how to treat me. My ID doctor is finally coming around and next month another lumbar puncture will be done. I would love to participate in this study. Although, antidotally, I know that the HAART can suppress MS!

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