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Dear Rizzla2102
Please desist from trolling, you have made the post. It is on the blog (without the LINK). 
Please stop posting the same comment over and over again. They are going to SPAM and staying there. It is very irritating for those recieving email alerts (I do not get them so you are not irritating me by your fellow bloggers).

Likewise Dear Rich (rmforall) as I emailed you, we do not have time to buy and read a book, if you want feed back on the Monte methanol/formaldehyde paradigm submit it to a scientific journal and you will get critique. You have had feedback from people on blog. We will let you know if we want to comment on this.

We are happy to receive your constructive comments on the blog, but it is not about advertising and trolling.

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  • email alerts have blog entries only.

    OH OK…I used to get them with every
    comment posted maybe something to do with Admin. I don't really understand the workings of this blog site.

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