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Sometimes you what to say something that is unrelated to the threads.This is a spot for You. 
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  • MD has gone? I knew this was coming! (google reader)

    Lots of things he can do now – guitarist, science crammer, social media strategist, humourist, full-time blogger, copy editor, customer service manager, …

  • My mom just sent me that Alzheimer's coconut oil scam. When I was researching the topic a health food website quoted Wikipedia's MS page. I checked and it does say, "MS destroys oligodendricytes" with a reference to a study.

    Is this an accepted fact or just a theory?

  • Prof G, you said that 2012 will be a "momentous year" in terms of advancements for treating MS.

    As we approach the completion of the first quarter of 2012, how is the momentum going?

  • I was interested to read about Professor George Jelinek's MS retreat in Australia, as I'd never heard of it (or him) before. However, I was a bit alarmed when I read this about Cow's milk proteins:

    "1. Diet. Do not have fats with a high melting point; in other words all animal and saturated fats. This includes animal milks. Cows’ milk protein resembles myelin oligodendrocytes, so the body tries to attack all milk proteins; in fact; MS epidemiology follows cows’ milk consumption around the world and the beer, batter, butter cultures (mainly western) have a higher incidence of ‘lifestyle’ diseases."

    As a vegetarian, I eat lots of dairy, including cheese, yogurt and milk. Prof G (or the rest of the team), I'd be interested to hear your views on this. I've always been skeptical of "MS Diets" and generally diets that tell you to cut things out, as I've always believed in everything in moderation and plenty of exercise. Should I stop consuming milk?!

    Original piece: https://www.facebook.com/BMSTC/posts/422418227775583

  • There is some research being conducted at the University of Nottingham on hookworms halting MS. Any thoughts?

  • Re: "There is some research being conducted at the University of Nottingham on hookworms halting MS. Any thoughts?"

    This is based on a large body of research that have shown that parasite infections alter the way the immune system functions and may be beneficial to MSers. There is also a trial on this going on in the US. Let's wait and see what the results show? I don't want to second guess them.

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