Blog: to Moderate or Not to Moderate that is the Question

Following some comments posted. Just to let you it is not a question of taking the blog down at present. It is a question of controlling the comments so that they do not put people off visiting. 
So you get a flavour,  here are some posts arriving in the last day or doubt more to follow. Hope this informs about the trolling and helps inform the voting on the survey.

“b*llsh*tt*r professor get more beer alcohol first remember u need help your mad everyone knows Get help no one likes any of you no ones all b*llsh*tt*rs who have drink probs get more councilling babies”

“Author go f**k yourself full of c**p no drug works pharmas make money like u do all full of po*s*n like u are full of it your attitude is who cares”

“more BS. You are so h*ted. Why because you are mur****ers and all being monitored without knowing. Rumbled all out of jobs soon many ha*e you”

“None of you want to help its all c**p you write and none of you can cope with MS at all. Lawsuits will happen and jobs go hopefully Money making liars”

“Mans****ht*r Drugs  ki**ers!” 

Just two words:  Please stop!

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  • Really sorry to see this, a shame that people's understandable frustration with MS has spilled over into personal attacks.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Gosh, not only are the blog haters illiterate, the level of abuse being directed at you is atrocious.

    Reading some of these comments makes me believe all commenting should be stopped.

    These losers are never going to stop. They've started a campaign to end this blog. They accuse big pharms of withholding an MS cure, but these guys themselves are wanting scientists from conveying research information.

    This campaign is led by the CCSVI Mafia.

  • Anon said


    Mouse and others: please continue, we love you. I wake up every day to read your blog. it gives me more hope than religion. Whatever I say will never offset or mitigate something like "Rumbled all out of jobs soon many ha*e you" but I care to share my feelings. 1 ultimate suggestion: Can you make this blog on a membership basis: 1 year's membership (or for life) for £1. Trust me, you will get 0 trolling after that for 2 reasons: (i) entry barriers: by putting this process in place you make it harder for rekless passenger to throw their angers on the blog (ii) paypal and other payments will reveal real identities (which can be subsequently hidden from the blog to preserve privacy). It may sound like a big move but trust me it works. I tried it. It required very little web development, and am sure that volunteers (Shift MS?) including myself are willing to help. On a different note, can the mice and/or G offer their thoughts on the CRMP-2 protein.

  • I can only speculate on what kind of person would send this kind of thing. I'm in favor of comments, with moderation. But I wish that there were less on CCSVI. Those who want to believe will continue to do so.

  • Re: CRMP-2 will do, but this is will require a bit of time to plan background work as we need to get up to speed with NOGO first.

  • To the followers of this blog…

    These egregious comments are examples of online harassment: "Online harassment includes cyber stalking and cyber bullying and is described by Stone (1999) to consist of “communications which are often constant, filled with disturbing and inappropriate content, and do not cease even after the victim asks for the behaviors to stop”." Source:

    The trolls' intention is "to disrupt the normal traffic of a discussion group beyond repair." Source:

    I believe that moderating the comments on this blog is the best response against the trolls without driving out people who prefer to post comments as "Anonymous". I second previous comments made that volunteers could filter out inappropriate comments so only constructive comments are received by Prof G and both MouseDoctors.

    This blog is one of the few sites where I can find reliable information on MS news and research. More than once have I taken info posted on the blog to my neuro and discussed it with her. I'm sure many of you have found this blog equally informative and helpful. The trolls actually think they are doing us a favor by disrupting this blog. In truth, by attacking Team G and this blog, the trolls are hurting us, the very people they are professing to help.

  • I am so sorry and truly vexed that you are exposed to such vitriol on a daily basis.
    You folks are a great daily dose of hope and education. I talk about y'all to my friends and family…sometimes with tears of joy…I am so glad you are there and you found me.
    We MSers sometimes lapse into constant duress and worry if we are not careful. It is so easy to do because we often feel like crap and sometimes do not even know ourselves anymore. So perhaps that is where some of the frustration comes from. Thanks for screening it out because that is the last thing I need to be reading.
    Please continue to allow the anonymous posts. I am from the US and my insurance company keeps trying to kick me off its rolls.
    PS I love you

  • I'm afraid these insane comments might continue even if you stop anonymous comments. It takes just a few minutes to set up a new Google account. I just created and deleted a second account to check this point.

  • Don't worry folks, the trolls will never win. We'd never give them the satisfaction of shutting us down.
    Grateful to see the comments above from those who think the blog is helpful. It's for you that we do this so thanks a lot for the kind comments.
    As for the trolling, well it's water off a ducks back and indicative of people who are losing the argument.
    Looks like moderation will have to be a permanent feature though.

  • Thanks for giving us a taster of what you have been subjected to.
    Seeing these samples has prompted me to vote on your survey, so actually, the trollers have produced the opposite effect to that which they desire.

    I suspect this is the work of a very, very small minority. They've already received more attention than they deserve.

    Sad to see someone's anger and frustration turned against one of the few research teams engaging directly with the MS community. Actually, I think you are the only team doing this.

    I, for one, will keep reading the blog!

  • I am shocked to read what people have been posting. Do you really feel these are people with ms or just general trolls trying to cause disruption. The language and content is vile and abusive and if these posters are people with ms then shame on you. I have only posted once but can now take this information to my gp and hopefully reduce the risk of my daughter getting this terrible disease. This information was given to me on the blog by Prof G and Mouse Doctor. Thank you.

  • I wonder who is sending these mails?

    I don't know, some disaffected, bitter person trying to slay the messenger.

    I wonder if the person is from North America, because the use of Lawsuit and B*llsh*t (the word rather than content..actually strike the latter…because that does describe the content) is consistent and more American English than British English. The posts arrive from very late afternoon to very early morning e.g 3.00am (More morning and evening from across the Atlantic. Maybe Alberta Central:-).

    However I can think of at least two British English words to decribe the person and both of them have WA in them 🙂

  • This week there have been only 4 comments (all identical-HATE MAIL) that have been deleted). These were caught by moderation and spammed

    One was reposted to avoid mistaken identifty of VV.

  • You're probably right an American is sending the comments, from the timing and the language and because the person doesn't seem to know that most UK doctors are salaried public servants

    "remember u need help your mad" & "get more councilling" could be things he or she is hearing from others. I hope it isn't somebody seriously unbalanced

  • It doesn't have to be American but allowed the light-hearted response concerning words…also meaning a pregnant-with eggs goldfish:-)

    The comments could be their own too who knows and who cares but they are clearly time-wasters.

    You can put that up to 6 hate mails

  • Timngs (late morning and afternnoon) of rubbish have changed and so has the language…still blue..but more British English.

    However, it is you should spend your energies more wisely

  • Hi. thanks as always for the blog and charming opinions out there. Moderation of the blog doesn't bother me at all despite the time differences (Britain v Australia) but what does detract from my engagement with the blog is the lack of notifications i receive to my comments. Is this a setting issue on my part or a blog thing?

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