MS Life 2012: Come and See the Charcot Tapestry

Dr.Love and the Gang have been working hard and the Charcot Tapestry  is now finished. This is a series of knitted tapestries showing what MS looks like under the microscope. These will be shown for the first time at the “Meet the Scientists” stand at MS life 2012 April 15th &16th, Manchester, UK. 

It is not long to go, so remember to register….it’s free!! In addition for those of you who would need financial help getting there, the MS Society is offering travel grants

For all the (rallying) CCSVIers, come on in and have a look, 
you may like what you see! We, including the MS Society, all want the same thing….Useful treatments for MSers

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  • Glad you're displaying the tapestry, I'll be interested to see it – if time! Sounds like it'll be a busy time…

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