Research Cheats Hang em out to Dry

There is an interesting article in the Guardian today about cheating in Science, where the journalist thinks the Doctor doing the fraud deserves sympathy. Dream On… Read the online comments, from I guess fellow scientists.  The Journalist is wrong…this is a serious fraud and possibly just the tip of an iceberg. Rather than make it up he had the time to do the work, the fraudester (a Brit in US) knew the grant process and did not need to abuse it. In US if you are trying to fraudulently get money from Government  i.e the National Insitutes of Health,  it is a Federal Offence that can mean prison. The Guy is lucky not to be there.
Using the logic of the Journalist that you dont need to do the work, I should be submitting my article that we have shown that Eating Pomfret Cakes Cures MS…………Complete Mushroom food

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  • Entirely agree, I found the justification for the fraud completely bizarre. The guy is lucky he's notunder house arrest/jail as in the famous Luc Van Parijs case!

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