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Where can I see what type of clinical trials are being done?

Type and search on “multiple sclerosis”. These normally say where the trials are being done and whether they are recruiting or completed and what type of MSer is needed for the study

e.g. .NCT01451593 which is being done by Team G and friends

However there are many more (click here for links) is a registry and results database of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world. Users can search by disease name, such as multiple sclerosis

Current Controlled Trials (part of Springer Science+Business Media) allows users to search, register, and share information about randomized controlled trials. It has two components:

ISRCTN Allows protocol authors of clinical trials to obtain a unique trial identifier (International Standard Randomised Controlled Trial Number). Any clinical trial designed to assess the efficacy of health interventions in a human population is eligible. Also contains a registry of trials that have been assigned an ISRCTN.

mRCT metaRegister of Controlled Trials): International database developed by Current Controlled Trials Ltd. that combines information from other trial registries (active contributors currently include ISRCTN and

The EU Clinical Trials Register website allows visitors to search for information on clinical trials in European Union member states and the European Economic Area as well as ones that are conducted outside the EU/EEA if they form part of a pediatric investigation plan.

The National MS Society’s Clinical Trials page offers various types of information about clinical trials on multiple sclerosis.

Wikipedia’s Clinical Trials Registry Page contains general information and links to many registries.

The World Health Organization’s Clinical Trials Search Portal provides access to a central database containing the trial registration data sets provided by registries from around the globe, some of which are also listed on this page:

Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registr


Brazilian Clinical Trials Registry (ReBec)

Chinese Clinical Trial Registry

Clinical Trials Registry – India

Clinical Research Information Service, Republic of Korea

Cuban Public Registry of Clinical Trials

German Clinical Trials Register

Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials

Japan Primary Registries Network

Pan African Clinical Trial Registry

Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry

The Netherlands National Trial Register

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