Eduction: The Nervous System

The problem in MS is because it affects nerve function in the central nervous system, so the signals from sent from the  brain through spinal cord and affected so the impulses do not travel to the tissues via the peripheral nervous system properly. (Click on the video for a tour)

The music is a bit naff and the pronunciations of some of the parts of the brain are different from how I would say them,but it explains the brain and PNS. Listen perhaps twice as some words are mentioned before they are explained. Check some videos from Youtube out to see how nerves transmit,

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  • Thanks very interesting, will watch again. Must take a lot of nutritious blood flow to keep it working to it's optimum, I'll post it round.
    Regards Andy

  • The brain requires consumes of energy and that requires oxygen, which it gets from the blood. No blood supply and nerves die

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