Geffard M et al. GEMSP: A New Therapeutic Approach to Multiple Sclerosis. Cent Nerv Syst Agents Med Chem. 2012 Apr 25. [Epub ahead of print]

A new therapeutic approach called Endotherapia (GEMSP) for the treatment of MS is suggested. Endotherapia is the result of an immunopathological strategy addressing chronic incurable diseases with a multifactorial aetiology. This approach combines a biomedical evaluation of circulating immunoglobulins directed against specific self-antigens and self-antigens modified by free radicals.

GEMSP is a “tailor-made” combination of small molecules (fatty acids, antioxidants, radical scavengers, amino acids) linked to a non-immunogenic linear chain of poly-L.lysine (PLL). Each individual linkage or PLL derivative offers great advantages, such as an increase in the half-life of the active small molecules. GEMSP inhibits brain leucocyte infiltration and abolishes episodes of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. In a clinical trial with 102 MS patients treated with GEMSP Endotherapia, 28% of them showed a worsening of their state; 20% showed a decrease in the progression of the disease; 17% showed disease stabilization; and 35% showed a reversal of the evolution of disease; i.e., an improvement in their disease state. In 72% of the cases, a positive evolution of the state of the MS patients treated with Endotherapia was observed (a decrease or stabilization of disease evolution or an improvement). Endotherapia is very safe and no side-effects were reported for GEMSP. Moreover, GEMSP showed no toxicity either in experimental animals or in humans. It seems that Endotherapia is a promising therapy for MS, with no side-effects, which should be considered in the management of long-term pathologies.

It is a complex treatment that is believed to be useful for many autoimmune diseases. It you want to see the process click on the link above. However of real concern is the authors have a habit of claiming no conflict of interests, when they have patents on this approach and they are clearly attempting to develop this approach as an MS treatment that will have financial implications. Furthermore these publications are a sort of marketing. It is important to be transparent.  There may be no side effect but the question remains about whether there is any real effect. The journal website does not even host the paper yet

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