MS Life DMT Update

Following several requests I have finally uploaded my slides, onto the web, from my presentation at MS Life for you to view or download. I hope you find them helpful.

DMT Update MS Life 2012

You can watch my talk on the MS Society Website. To do this you have to register with the site. 

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  • Your slides are great- but I found it impossible to watch the talk. Ok, I've got a slow internet connection so I'd go off and leave it to load, but then I discovered it would only load each section individually- took me nearly 2 hours to watch one presentation. Useless MS soc. IT again- why couldn't they use youtube

  • Re: " I found it impossible to watch the talk."

    I will ask the MS Society to load the video onto YouTube.

  • Re: "Gavin, have you heard of PV-267.."

    Yes, we have heard of it. It is still very early days. This drug has yet to reach phase 1.

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