Survey: Trial for Progressive MSers


With the sad failure of the CUPID trial for Progressive MSers, we can’t just wait for 3-5 years for each trial to occur. We need novel designs that can speed up this process!

With this in mind please take the time to do the “MS lumbar puncture” survey, which may help get one such design off the ground (Click on Top left) or here for the link to the study design. It does not matter if you are RRMS your view is still important.

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  • A few weeks ago I believe it was put on a facebook site in the USA

    but if people would spread the word that would be great.

  • Considering that it was International MS Day only yesterday and the British media allocated zero attention to it, I sometimes think that my disease is not a priority. There is no real public concern for MS, it's just us lot.

  • @Anon 6:45pm

    I just went on the INTERNATIONAL MS DAY site and saw the '1000 faces of MS' collage. Truly inspiring stuff. Had no idea that MS comes in so many images. Shocked to read the number of people that have multiple cases of MS within one family – mums, daughter, sons, uncles, grandparents – all related. There is most definately a strong genetic angle to getting MS. The genes probably have the answer to finding a cure.

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