Time to Rock. Stick it to MS!

You don’t have to be a famous Drummer like Clive Burr, but by drumming you could be famous. If you would like to join in a new World Record Attempt for the Most Drummers. Sign up at Stick it to MS or Help Them, Help Others.
Clive  Burr drumming for Iron Maiden
Clive Burr with MS, at a Special MS Event by Iron Maiden
MD, MD2 (Do you mean MD2 is not an alter ego of MD?) & 
Prof G were there

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  • Iron Maiden concerts have the most scariest-looking girls in attendance. Seeing a sight like that again will bring on another relapse.

  • You are quite mistaken. Iron Maiden certainly do not "suck". Perhaps you're more comfortable listening to a nice Laura Marling album?
    I note your theory on female Iron Maiden fans and relapses. We will have to add that to the list of risk factors! 😉

  • You go to an Iron Maiden concert to watch and listen to Iron Maiden

    The blookes are pretty scary

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