CCSVI. Whats in an Image?

 Before (left) and after (right) venoplasty. The ballon partially (centre right) and fully  (centre left) inflated.

You have been questioning images from papers, so here is one. Is this stenois (thinning) of a vein? Is this successful venoplasty of  the vein. It looks like the thinning is reduced (but the thinning above the angioplasty is enhanced is it not?). Has it really stopped the thinning? Because one could say that this venogram was taken just before it went back to its original state or was taken at a different angle to make it look thicker. 

Figures are meant to provide support for what is being said in the text and should describe what is being done. You can discuss images until the cows come home,  but are they representative?…They should be, but you can do so many things with figures, have they been doctored?, some are not representative, some are not what this claim to show. If it is does not have a sufficient information describing what was done then you have no clue of what is really been shown. Therefore, pictures can mean one thing to some people and other things to other people.

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