Olympics in London

                                    The River Thames in London in the Olympic stadium
If you saw the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday (I know that elements of it were cut from the USA presentation…why?). Then being in East London things are going to be hectic for the next few weeks.

Danny Boyle’s (film director) main task was to portray Britain to the World and gave us the Isles of Wonders. Whilst you may have understood the green and pleasant “Merchant-Ivory” land, the Industrial Revolution, the Pride of Diversity and the Queen doing a joke, it is inconceivable non-Brits would have got all the subtleness of some of the content, Gregory’s Girl and Kes..most people under 40 would have no clue either


It was splendidly British and magnificently Dizzee
There was a feature that also paid tribute to the National Health Service during the opening ceremony because universal healthcare is one of the core values of British society..…….was it being attacked? We moan about it but we love it also..I suspect some of you will disagree

If we had the resource for MS that goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for Sick Children then we would be further along today than we are. 

More than 300 hospital beds which featured in the Olympics opening ceremony to celebrate the NHS are to be donated to hospitals in Tunisia

Prof G said “The Olympics stir us to sit and watch but the Paraolympians inspire us to get off our arses (Asses in American) and do something, because it they can do something, why can’t we”. Sure I could never run as fast as Oscar Pistorius 

However, the point of this is that the lack of tickets and the mayhem to the East End are causing some of us to “Run to the Hills” so do not be too surprised if you do not get a fast response during August.

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