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T helper (Th) cell programming and function is tightly regulated by complex biological networks to prevent excessive inflammatory responses and autoimmune disease. The importance of microRNAs (miRNAs) in this process is highlighted by the preferential Th1 polarization of Dicer-deficient T cells that lack miRNAs. Using genetic knockouts, we demonstrate that loss of endogenous miR-29, derived from the miR-29ab1 genomic cluster, results in unrestrained T-bet expression and IFN-γ production. miR-29b regulates T-bet and IFN-γ via a direct interaction with the 3′ untranslated regions, and IFN-γ itself enhances miR-29b expression, establishing a novel regulatory feedback loop. miR-29b is increased in memory CD4(+) T cells from multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, which may reflect chronic Th1 inflammation. However, miR-29b levels decrease significantly upon T cell activation in MS patients, suggesting that this feedback loop is dysregulated in MS patients and may contribute to chronic inflammation. miR-29 thus serves as a novel regulator of Th1 differentiation, adding to the understanding of T cell-intrinsic regulatory mechanisms that maintain a balance between protective immunity and autoimmunity.
We have talked about micro RNA in the past. This is a further example of this phenomen may influence responses in the autoimmunity. They may become a target for therapy so it may be of interest that a company has just annouce that they are target miR-326 which can help stimulate Th17. This is some way off of becomming a reality.

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  • Great business news. Any research about why oligodendrocytes die in the abscense of infiltrating immune cells?

  • As to business news..There is no plug for the company unlike other sites and it is what it is news.

    As to your question. What does this have to do with microRNA…nothing?

    As to any research..

    When it is published we can discuss it. We do not control the content of the scientific literature. Just as I have no control on why there are no CCSVI posts likewise I cannot control issues of oligodendrocyte death that does not depend on infiltrating immune cells. However there has been some

    Actually there may be something later this week.

  • I love the back and forth between VV and MouseDoc. You're like the original odd couple. They ought to make a sitcom based on you two. Like THE BIG BANG THEORY,only more biological.

  • VV
    There'll be some interesting results on cognitive dissonance associated with CCSVI in the near future.

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