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If you are like me, I can’t run and  so I’m doing the Not So Great North Run on 9th December 2012. This is a half marathon with a twist

My travel is not going to be in the North of England but North London in a Gym. There I aim to travel the equivalent of 13.1 miles on a Low-Impact Cross Trainer.

Why don’t you join me and pop down to your local gym, if you are a member, or do something else. Set yourself a goal: 1km, 5km 10km, 13.1miles etc, swim, cycle or something else. Get yourself sponsored and donate to my charity or another of your choosing. We can’t all run but we can do our bit.


Text: MDOC50 plus amount (£x) to 70070 (I tried it on the Mouse Phone and you can even do gift aid so they can get you tax back off the UK Government)

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  • Mouse, I don't know if you really can't run or are showing solidarity with us MS-ers (rubbish runners by nature) or both but I somehow find the opening sentence so sympathetic – as if you're trying to say that you're one of us (if only on a threadmill). Thoughtful….

  • I can't run because I have a massively fat gut. This weight gives large amounts of strain on the knees and more importantly on my back. I have an inheritary disk problem and pounding the streets is a sure fire way of setting the back problems off. This incapacitates me and stops weight bearing and so spending hours crawling around the floor just to get to the loo is not my idea of fun. MD2 has seen it in action an will testify it is a very sorrow sight.

    I will hopefully make some pounds for MS charity, whilst shedding a few of my own.

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