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You like to comment on Prof Gs jollies, so next week and a bit involves flying back and forth to USA and back to UK for a day meeting and then back to USA and so on….Think how much fun this is.

In contrast I get to travel see the world for a MS meeting in Reagents Park…isn’t London the centre of the Universe?

In the words of Dizzy may remember from the Olympics……..BONKERS

I can’t vouch for the accuracy or the time span, as Prof G is too busy to answer my emails, but you get the point.

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  • Poor Prof G, but I'm guessing the club class lounges, cheap jeans in the US, luxury hotels etc make it a bit easier. I also forgot the duty free booze and fags. At the end of the day if he didn't like doing it he wouldn't do it. Much easier to admit that these jollies aren't all bad. I'm not against them, just hope something good for MS patients results.

  • From my own experience profs must attend conferences around the world if the want to get peers' recogniton – it would not suit me. I remember some of our poor PhDs would would winge at the thought of yet another meeting in Arizona or Tokyo – if you did it once it is exciting but all over again is tiring.

  • International travel for business has always been a status symbol – like the BMW 7 series. I had a boss in the 80s who went to New York for a meetign on concorde (used to do it in a day). He always complained, but never let anyone go in his place. Big cost (£ and environmental) related to lots of travel, but as above don't care if it leads to something i.e. not just a talking shop for academics!

    Mouse – if you cut off your pony-tail and invested in a pin-strip suit I'm sure Prof G would let you go on one trip to the US (Premium Class Virgin Atlantic is very nice – I think they still do the in-flight massage. Niot sure if they have real ale on board, or have AC/DC on the entertainment system!

    • Pinstripe suit, I'ld rather stay at home, however I do get to get away every now and then, usually cattle class. I did hear AC/DC on an in flight film once it was one of those Football Movies and yes the Virgin lounges are very nice. As for real ale who cares…not me:-)

      Off to see some students next week.

  • Wow, working in the field of MS is much like being a pop star. All that effort and so little to show for it. Where can one sign up?

    • You know what anon 12:04pm… you're going to have to eat your words when Prof et al efforts start paying off. There's a lot of you naysayers that come to this blog but I think the kind of social gathering of international neurological groups will pay off in big ways. Mark my words. We're on the cusp of an MS revolution for all sufferers. You'll see.

  • I don't think it will be a revolution – a nice effective neuroprotective would suffice 😉

    PS. MouseDoc don't you even think of cutting the pony tail!

  • Prof G certainly seems to be on a one man campaign to warm the planet. To offset he'd probably need to plant a forest the size of Wales the way he's going!

  • Before I was diagnosed with MS I had a job that meant I had to travel all over Europe. The expectation was for me to arrive by 9am local time and do what I needed to do / evalaute the problem / suggest solutions etc and catch a plane back to London around 7pm local time. It meant getting up at about 4am to drive to the airport and getting home again around 9pm – if the flight was on time (which they rarely were). There were occasions when I had to do that three times a week.

    We didn't travel business class or have access to airport lounges and were expected to be able to email / take calls while at the airport and needed to use the flying time to work – business travel is not as glamorous as people think !

    I often wonder how much stress that put my immune system through and if it contributed to my development of MS.

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