Research Day 30

The stars of the Preclinical Research Work of TeamG
Mr & Mrs BiozziMouse

Guido Biozzi was a Brazilian working in the Institute Curie in Paris, France. 

In order to study the genetic regulation of the Immune response he made a cross between white Swiss mice. 

At each generation took the mice that produced either high or low amounts of antibody and bred them together so that eventually he had two populations one that produced low amounts of antibody (ABL) and antoehr produced high amounts of antibody (ABH). 

It was found that the Biozzi ABH produced good relapsing progressive EAE by Prof B. 

Unfortunately, the tickets have now all been taken. 

Please add your name to the list for possible ticket returns.

If you can’t make it please let us know so we can give your tickets to someone else. Thanks. 

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