Research Day 31



So this Concludes the House of Mouse Month. It is back to the boring white lab coat.


Tomorrow brings another Year, 
with New Challenges and New Goals. 
It may have been a monstrous 2012 to some people and Not Others..Prof G is easily pleased, but lets hope we do better in 2013.


Have a festive New Years Eve where every you are and 


Don’t drink too much Pop!

If you can’t make it let us know of register interest fro returns

Unfortunately, the tickets have now all been taken. 

Please add your name to the list for possible ticket returns.

If you can’t make it please let us know so we can give your tickets to someone else. 

This is your last Chance to Pose any Questions!!!!

CoI: We receive nothing from the House of Mouse, but the enjoyment that these little felt creatures bring.

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