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  • Hi. I'm an MS nurse, I enjoyed your talk at the MS Trust conference this year. ( and previous years)
    I also enjoyed the talk by: Professor Carolyn Young, Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Professor of Neurology
    Walton Centre; who gave us both the history of research findings re vitamin D & MS, and showed 5 recent studies where administration of high dose vit D ( 3, except for 1 study) did not show any effect on disease activity at all. We discussed how relation ( or whatever)is not the same as causation, could there be a factor which lowers D in inflammatory conditions,relapses, etc, and also, is 'natural' D , from food or from sunlight somehow better utilised in the body. The prof finished by saying that she would only recommend 1000IU, but I will probably continue to recommend 5000IU unless actively testing. I wondered what your thoughts were on this? Sadly she has not put her slides up to share, although I have asked the MS Trust.
    Is it possible that light on skin is the best? And what do you think about sunbeds?
    Thanks for your time, if you get any! Miranda

    • As you know I recommend 5,000U vD3 per day based on the Vitamin D Council's recommendations. The EU have come out with a recommendation of 4,000U. If you are measuring levels the majority of people on 1,000U per day will not see their levels budge. You need to remember that 5,000U per day is physiological and equates to a bout 15 minutes exposure of your upper body to the sun in mid summer.

      I am generally against sunbeds; firstly they don't all emit enough UVB (although the modern ones do) and secondly it is a very expensive way to get a dose of vD. Sunbeds also damage the skin (premature ageing and mutagenic).

      Yes, there is an emerging body of evidence that actual sunlight has additional immunological effects over and above the effects of vD. Whether or not these are relevant to MS is currently unknown.

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