Research:Repairing antibodies

We have discovered a role for natural autoantibodies in central nervous
system repair, remyelination and axon protection. These natural human
antibodies are of the immunoglobulin M (IgM) isotype, and they bind to
the surface of neural cells. The epitope of the antibody includes sialic
acid because treatment with sialidase disrupts the binding. A fully
human recombinant form of one of these IgMs, rHIgM12, has the same
properties as the serum-derived IgM. rHIgM12 enhanced polarized axonal
outgrowth from primary neurons when presented as a substrate in vitro
and improved motor functions in chronically Theiler’s virus-infected SJL
mice, a model of MS. rHIgM12 bound to neuronal surfaces and induced
cholesterol and ganglioside (GM1) clustering, indicating that rHIgM12
functions through a mechanism of axonal membrane stabilization. Our work
demonstrates that a natural human neuron-binding IgM can regulate
membrane domain dynamics. This antibody has the potential to improve
neurologic disease.

This study suggests there are antibodies that promote repair. This is an approach with some potential, although in some studies the data is not that compelling.   I guess proof will be in the pudding. We need a human trial. Do we know how to do this trial?

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