The joys of publication?

Part of the Joys of science is publishing our results. This can be an arduous process and rejection always hurts, but sometimes it hurts more than others. We have just received these comments.

“No studies are done using interventions that help human MS to see if the model has face validity”.

The first line of paper on neuroprotection was “multiple sclerosis is a…..disease that currently lacks any neuroprotective treatments”

Therefore, maybe we should stop looking for neuroprotective agents with this attitude. Until there are treatments we couldn’t publish but if there were treatments then would we care about animal studies? If they want interventions that affect the immune response then five minutes of reading references would find an answer.

The value of the animal system was questioned because there is no evidence that certain myelin-reactive T cells cause disease or maybe they were thinking there is no evidence that transgenic expression of some genes causes disease in humans.

The way to prove that T cells cause MS would be to transfer T cells from one twin with MS into the other twin without MS and give them MS…..not very ethical me thinks, or were they suggesting some form of genetic engineering?

Whilst seeing Red I wonder if the referee is an anus? ‘cos they sure produce mushroom food.

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