Google Glass: any ideas how we can use this technology for MSers?

“Google Glass is the next gizmo that will be arriving from Google. I can think of a dozen ways that it could help improve MSers lives. If you are a developer and want to do something for MSers please drop me a line. Thanks.”

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  • Guys, when you allow people to abuse you here, it's disrespectful to all of us who visit. I value this blog and the work you do here so much. There is nothing this else like it for us trying to make sense of our disease and the confusing messages we receive. Please don't let these people continue to crap in the sandbox.

    • We have been asked not to rise to the bait for a while otherwise a certain poster would be on the other side of a tongue lashing. Prof G should have removed the insult before replying

    • Duly noted. We are as irritated as you are by the abusive comments. Sometimes we are in the wrong mood and can reply to them in a forthright manner. In future these type of comments will be deleted asap so as not to cause offence to the reasonable people who post here.
      Best wishes MD2.

  • Re 'I can think of a dozen ways that it could help improve MSers lives'

    What are some of these ways? I can't think of even one

    • Google Glass applications could be developed to measure the impact of MS on a persons life; this data could then be incorporated in a new outcome measure to speed up drug development. For example, it could uses built in GPS to monitor mobility. The degree of sway can assess unsteadiness of gait.

      On a more practical note it could be used as a reading device for MSers with a head tremor or jumpy vision due to oscillopsia (bouncing eyes); software in Google Glass could correct for tremor and provide the person concerned with a static image.

      A Google Glass App for finding disabled toilets in London could help MSers in need of a toilet.

      I could go on and on!

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